Protecting the nation’s security

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UNIFORMED agencies vowed to improve their capabilities in protecting national security and maintaining peace.

Second in Command Detachment Commander at the Air Regiment Number Two Wing, Royal Brunei Air Force (RBAirF), Mohd Mustaqim Hj Mohd Lias, said he will continue to carry out his responsibilities to ensure Brunei remains a peaceful country.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 32nd National Day parade yesterday, he said everyone has a responsibility to maintain peace in the country.

“To ensure peace, we have to follow the laws that have been set by the government… we have to follow rules to serve our country,” added Mohd Mustaqim, who has served in the RBAirF for over 11 years.

Royal Brunei Police Force’s Sergeant Norain Hj Abdul Karim said that she will continue to follow orders steadfastly to help ensure peace in the country.

Sergeant Norain, who has served the police force for over 20 years, said the RBPF will always carry out its tasks and services with pride and spirit to curb crimes in the sultanate.

“We will always continue to monitor the country’s security in all aspects,” she said.

She also urged all uniformed personnel to work together in maintaining peace in Brunei.

Meanwhile, Prisons Department Officer Salwa @ Megawati Hj Salleh said they will contribute to the nation through the rehabilitation of inmates.

She said it is important for inmates to be re-integrated into society, which would allow them to contribute to the country.

“That’s our contribution as officers, we’re not only warders, we’re not only prisons, we are teachers and guides,” said Salwa.

A total of 140 officers from the Prisons Department participated in the National Day parade.

Assistant Customs Controller Zulkarnaine Hj Sulaiman said his department will continue to enforce the law and facilitate trade using new technologies in their line of duty.

He hopes to increase human capacity and collect revenue for the country through customs taxes, surcharges and transit fees.

Zulkarnaine said that they will also increase the rate of inspections and enforce the law, especially at control posts, in line with their vision and mission.

The Royal Customs and Excise Department contingent comprised 100 officers led by Acting Assistant Controller Hj Arfian Hj Abd Kadir.

Moharefandi Hj Md Tahir, head of Control Post at the Immigration and National Registration Department, said the control post will be making improvements in phases spanning the next few years.

He urged on-duty immigration officers at the Enforcement Section to practise a culture of professionalism by being more attentive and thorough when conducting inspections.

A total of 100 immigration officers from all districts’ branches took part in this year’s National Day parade, led by Assistant Immigration Director Rahimi Hj Ramli.

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