Expat community shows patriotism for home away from home

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FAR from their home and working in a foreign country may seem difficult for expatriates in Brunei but many have already considered the country their second home.

During yesterday’s 32nd National Day Parade held at the Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar ‘Ali Saifuddin in the capital, expatriates were seen participating in the national event showing support for the country where they make a living.

Having participated in the National Day parade for her 13th time, teacher, Myra Reyes Angeles, said that while her country Philippines is not too far away she still considers Brunei her second home.

“The parade is amazing here and the people are very loving. You can feel it in the celebrations that people are happy to be here,” she said.

“Brunei’s national day here is like a festival and I look forward to it every year because I like seeing the students participate in these national events. It is a form of community service,” she added

Melany Santos-Franco who is a teacher from Seri Mulia Sarjana School said that she has been in Brunei for over a decade and has always enjoyed the national day celebration especially with her students.

She was seen supervising students who were part of the parade’s procession.

“Experience-wise it is different from my country. It is my first time here to be involved with the parade and supervising the students. I find it to be a unique experience and it is very amazing here and the parade is a wonderful time for the students and us here,” said Melany from the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Rajesh VR said that the National Day celebrations in Brunei are different from his home in India noting that everything comes together swiftly in time for February 23.

“Back home it would be for a month but for us with the students involved and the teachers it happened in about two weeks. It is very different and it is a good thing that teachers are made to be involved in the parade,” he said.

“I wish everyone a Happy National Day on this joyous occasion,” he added.

The Brunei Times