Municipal Dep’t: We clean Tamu Kianggeh every day

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WITH reference to the article “Tamu Kianggeh at its cleanest since HM surprise visits” published on February 15, 2016, the Vehicle Support and Maintenance Section of the Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department issued a statement to clarify several issues raised.

The cleaning of Tamu Kianggeh (Kianggeh Market) is conducted on a daily basis. The department has 10 cleaners under the supervision of an overseer whose job is to keep the market clean. On normal days, a total of 10 daily-paid workers will be on duty and on off days (Friday and Sunday) six of them will do the job with assistance provided by another three labourers assigned from other sections. The daily tasks of the team include sweeping the floor and collecting rubbish at common areas such as passageways, bridges, parking facilities, open areas, prayer room and the surrounding area. The scheduled list of cleanup activities also involves clearing up drains and the concrete landing steps fronting the river. The workers are rostered to work from Monday to Thursday and Saturday.

“In order to ensure that rubbish from the business activities taking place at the market are collected and disposed, the department provides a waste management service by placing two dumpsters or waste containers and two men and a compactor driver are assigned under the supervision of an overseer to dispose of the rubbish. It is the responsibility of the team to see to it that the trash receptacles or refuse containers are emptied and removed every day,” the statement said.

The statement also clarified on the issue of the clean-up for the market’s riverside landing steps.

“The cleaning job is conducted on a daily basis and twice a month with the use of pressure washers, and the frequency is determined as and when required depending on water tides,” the statement said.

The department also organises a monthly cleanup campaign at the end of each month.

“An advance notice or circular will be issued at least a week prior to the campaign date. During the campaign, the market will be closed for one day and vendors are required to leave their rented business spaces or stalls vacant to facilitate the cleanup,” the statement said.

“Unfortunately, cooperation from the vendors is not that encouraging. When the campaign takes place, the vendors’ attendance to lend a hand in the cleanup is rather unsatisfactory with several items belonging to the vendors remaining behind, stalls not vacated and a few vendors still engaging in business despite the market being declared as closed on the appointed date,” the statement added.

The department said, “It is highly desirable that the effort of our department is supported by all stakeholders especially the vendors because it is in their best interest to keep their stalls and rented spaces as well as the surrounding areas clean and tidy. The disposal of rubbish must be done more responsibly and properly inside the refuse bins that are made available. And in the case of waste materials that are considerably bulky, these are to be removed and disposed of inside the dumpsters or waste containers provided near the parking lot. With the support of everyone, the department is absolutely confident that the standard of cleanliness of the market could be maintained and would benefit all.”

The Brunei Times