UK unis expect good Brunei intake

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UNIVERSITIES in the United Kingdom are still expecting Bruneian students to pursue their higher education there despite the current financial challenges.

Several representatives from the 34 universities taking part in Education UK Exhibition 2016 at Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College (Maktab Sains) on Saturday said they don’t think financial challenges will affect the students’ desire to study abroad.

Sherry Ng, University of Nottingham’s Southeast Asia Manager, said committed students will continue to look for solutions to ensure they receive a quality education.

“The Ministry of Education (MoE) is supporting their students a lot. That helps. So I don’t see this as a continuing dilemma in Brunei,” she said.

She said the university also offers scholarships for international post-graduate students and bursaries for undergraduate students.

The bursaries won’t cover 100 per cent of the tuition fees but will assist the students financially.

Last year, the university had around 30 newly enrolled Bruneian students.

“The benefit of studying in the UK is the education system. It’s a good quality education, and the facilities and professors are really good.

“A lot of students in Brunei have the determination to continue their education overseas. They have to study hard, study smart and have faith in education.”

Cal Choong, international officer at the University of Sussex, said the university hasn’t experienced any difficulties attracting Bruneian students.

He said the government is still willing to sponsor the students to study abroad.

With this in mind, he believes there might not be a decrease in Bruneian students studying in the universities.

Choong said the university also offers ‘Excellence Scholarships’ for undergraduate students who achieve a minimum of three A grades in their A-Level.

The scholarship will assist students financially for their tuition fees or their accommodation.

Meanwhile, Royal Agricultural University Lecturer Steve Finch said the university is slightly worried about the tuition fees, especially with the financial challenges students may face.

“Money is not as available as it used to be, so students are finding it harder to study abroad. But there are sponsorships from the government,” he said.

British Council Event Assistant Dk Siti Aisah Pg Razali said there have always been concerns that Bruneian students will stop furthering their studies in the UK .

“Every year, we are worried whether the UK will be the number one destination, and every year, we have proof that the UK still remains the number one destination for education,” she said.

Yesterday’s exhibition was held to provide students with information about universities in the UK.

The exhibition, organised by Maktab Sains and the British Council, was attended by over 250 Maktab Sains students.

The Brunei Times