‘Code share agreement to boost two-way tourism’

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THE codeshare agreement between Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) and Turkish Airlines (THY) will take effect today, allowing the sultanate’s flag carrier to connect to 235 destinations out of Turkey.

The Turkish Ambassador to Brunei, Oguz Ates, said the agreement will increase two-way tourism and help promote Brunei as a tourist and business destination.

“With the new agreement in place, both airlines will be able to engage in joint marketing of their flights.

“I believe the codesharing arrangement will attract more Bruneians to visit Turkey,” he said in an email interview yesterday.

Istanbul has proved a popular stopover for Bruneians performing _umrah _or haj, with growing interest in other parts of Turkey such as Cappadocia and the Mediterranean coast.

“This reality is increasing the chances to undertake joint projects and investments in the area of tourism. As for business interests, definitely there is a growing interest especially in areas of halal industry and downstream projects where final products are aimed for Turkey and regions surrounding the two countries.”

Ates added that Turkish Airlines is looking forward to enhancing cooperation with RB by including the latter’s destinations as part of its extended route network.

“THY has a very wide network. This agreement will enable THY to market Brunei as a tourist destination through its worldwide network of travel agents,” he said.

Under the codeshare agreement, Turkish Airlines will add its ‘TK’ code to RB-operated flights from Bandar Seri Begawan to Dubai and vice versa. RB will also add its ‘BI’ code to TK flights from Istanbul to Dubai.

“Turkish Airlines and RB will be able to sell tickets together where RB will fly passengers until Dubai and THY will take over, connecting to Turkey and to the rest of the world where there are THY flights,” the envoy added.

Asked how the spate of recent terror attacks in Ankara and Istanbul has affected tourism, Ates said it was “too early” to assess the impact to Turkey’s tourism and business interests.

”With the full commitment of the international community to stand with Turkey in its fight against terrorism, I believe in the long term Turkey as one of the fastest developing and biggest economies of the world will continue to attract international interest in tourism and business.”

The Brunei Times