SCOT to help needy students improve their English skills

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MORE than 40 underprivileged students from Rimba will receive help from non-governmental organisation the Society for Community Outreach and Training (SCOT) in improving their English language skills.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Director of SCOT Education Aspadiyah Md Sah said the NGO is gearing up to begin a 12-week programme that will see underprivileged students from Rimba attend English language classes on Fridays and Sundays.

The programme, slated to begin in the first week of April, will run in collaboration with the Rimba II National Housing Scheme Village Consultative Council.

Aspadiyah said students who will be participating in the programme are aged 12 to 16, in Years 7 to 11.

She said 14 teachers and two substitute teachers will complete their teacher training for the programme by next week.

The teachers are all either fresh graduates from local and overseas universities or are currently completing their bachelor’s and master’s degrees at local universities, she said.

They are currently being trained by Aspadiyah herself as well as Nurul Ain Izzati Sofri, who are both SCOT members and English teachers with degrees in English language teaching.

“We’re not just going to help kids who have trouble in reading (during the programme).

“Instead of just focusing on reading skills, we are expanding it to (enhancing) students’ speaking, listening and writing skills as well,” Aspadiyah said.

She added that SCOT Education will soon have a meeting with parents and guardians to explain how the programme will work.

“We just need parents to really understand what’s going to happen, what we’re going to be doing with their children.

“We’re going to meet the kids as well, just to see to what extent they want to participate. We really don’t want to force kids to be a part of this,” she said.

SCOT Education has helped 240 students in Brunei and 200 students in Cambodia improve their English skills.

The Brunei Times