‘Four attributes needed to develop next generation’

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AS THE country approaches its 32nd National Day anniversary, imams nationwide urged Bruneians to equip themselves with key characteristics that would help shape a future generation that strives to achieve Vision 2035.

In referring to this year’s National Day theme of “Generation with a Vision”, the sermon said the current generation needs to possess four key characteristics to develop such a generation, namely self-awareness, parental guidance, education and assimilation of moral, family and national values.

“Full internalisation of these core values is of the utmost importance because it’s our desire and hope to see the next and future generations continue to uphold and honour these very same values and ethics. It would be a monumental loss if these values are no longer practised or valued by the next generation,” said the sermon.

The sermon said citizens and residents of Brunei should be sensitive to and strive toward realising the goal of producing a generation with a vision to achieve Vision 2035 along with the country’s aspiration of becoming a Zikir Nation.

“The visionary generation should not rest on its laurels and simply wait for what the country has to offer them. Instead, such a visionary generation should gear up in full force to make its mark felt in the country, be it in the form of ideas, material, physical or professional contributions,” said the sermon.

Congregants were told that to shape a visionary generation does not happen immediately. Rather its formation calls for the initiation of several changes beginning with the individual itself.

“This need for change within the individual in the visionary generation hinges on the paramount importance of self-awareness through acts of remembrance of Allah, self-reflection as well as consistency in worship,” said the sermon.

Self-awareness, said imams, means having the capacity and resilience to accomplish one’s planned life goals and actions along with an impeccable code of conduct and personality capable of withstanding any regressive and destructive tendencies.

It went on to say that the visionary generation represents those who have been able to successfully align their hearts with the path of goodness with their dignity and self-respect kept intact, preserving their individuality in addition to safeguarding their identity based on the teachings of Islam.

On parental guidance, the sermon said that all parents play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of their offspring as they have inherited values passed down from their families which they further pass down to their own children.

In the quest to shape a generation with a vision, the sermon said parents need to shower their children with love and affection, ingrain noble values of faith and takwa (god-consciousness) in their hearts as well as spend quality time with their family.

“The manner of parental upbringing and teachings not only leaves a strong indelible impression on children but also functions as a reflection of the faith, culture and way of life of the society,” said the sermon.

On education, the sermon said farsighted parents would envision their children as being able to serve and make substantive contributions to the progress of their faith, race and nation. It said the deciding test in developing a visionary generation only manifests itself when they move ahead and acquire formal education in school.

Alhamdulillah, the current educational system put in place by the government makes it possible for our children to attain a comprehensive and balanced education, a system that is founded on both academic and religious education,” said the sermon.

While early education at home is a primary concern of parents as well as meeting the daily needs of their children such as food and clothing, parents also have to pay close attention to their formal educational needs.

The sermon cited Surah Al-Mujadalah verse 11 in which Islam makes it obligatory upon Muslims to pursue knowledge, since through knowledge alone can one’s rank and station be elevated in the sight of Allah SWT.

On moral values, the sermon said the noble values cherished in an individual include kindness, being fair and just, honest and not gullible to dubious news spread on social media nor easily swayed by matters that can taint akidah and personal decorum, being a positive thinker and considerate.

“In terms of family values, Alhamdulillah, the people of Brunei are a tightly-knit entity practising strong family bonds of togetherness (silaturrahim) irrespective of whether they are living close to or far apart from each other,” said the sermon.

On national values, Brunei subscribes to leading a life guided by the country’s national philosophy of Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB), a sense of patriotism as well as a sense of belonging to the nation, it said.

It said it is the love for the nation that will propel and spur on the individual to serve his country selflessly, protect its peace, avoid conflicts with one another and not fall prey to subversive elements bent on disrupting the peace and security of the country.

“These are the national values we want imbued and ingrained in each and every individual,” said the sermon.

The sermon said it is the nation’s duty to protect and sustain national peace by remaining forever loyal and obedient to Allah SWT and His Messenger and to the leader of the country, none other than our king.

The Brunei Times