‘Employers to pay for work on public holidays’

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ALL employees have the legal right to claim double pay if they work on a public holiday for their employers, an assistant labour commissioner said yesterday.

Hj Shariful Dahri Hj Sawas said employees who are asked to work on public holidays such as National Day are entitled to get double compensation under the Employment Order 2009.

In a phone interview yesterday, he said if employers require their staff to work on any public holiday, employees can choose not to receive in-lieus but be paid double. “For example, if their daily pay rate is $10 a day, and they are asked by their employer to work on a public holiday, the staff should be paid $20 for the day by the employer,” he said.

Hj Shariful Dahri added that if employers request their staff to work on their day off, they are also entitled to get double compensation. Any employee who did not receive the double pay or in-lieu for working on a public holiday has the right to complain to the Labour Department, said the assistant commissioner.

Hj Shariful Dahri said the department has yet to receive complaints from employees of not getting double compensation for working on a public holiday. According to the Employment Order 2009, “any employee who may be required by his employer to work on any holiday shall be paid an extra day’s salary at the basic rate of pay for that one day’s work, in addition to the gross rate of pay for that day and to a travelling allowance, if payable to him under the contract of service with his employer, for one day”.

The Order added that any employer who fails to pay any salary in accordance with the laws is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $800, and for a second or subsequent offence to a fine not exceeding $1,600, imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, or both.

The Brunei Times