‘Children must be aware of their health and safety’

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CHILDREN need to be able to monitor their health and safety on their own to enable them to assess and make good decisions in their everyday lives, said the General Manager of local company AMARCO Services Sdn Bhd yesterday.

Captain Martono Napitupulu said that being aware of one’s health and safety does not only affect their physical aspects.

“It could also have impacts on the financial, emotional and social aspects of the children’s life as they grow up,” he said on the sidelines of a health and safety briefing at Perdana Wazir Religious School in Kuala Belait.

He gave example of a person crossing the road hastily and getting into an accident.

He explained that the person’s quality of life is affected not only healthwise but also financially as the accident could have left him unable to work or he might have to spend to help his recovery.

The general manager said that the example shows children the consequences of ignoring health or safety issues. It also emphasises the importance of planning out one’s choices in life.

Instilling such thought processes, he said, will also ensure the children make the right choices as they grow up, because health and safety are two important bases to a successful career.

That is why the importance of health and safety should be emphasised to children so it could be developed into a habit and passed onto future generations, said the general manager.

A total of 90 students of Perdana Wazir Religious School attended the briefing yesterday, which also saw five other officers from AMARCO Services Sdn Bhd deliver briefings and conduct group activities with the students.

The school was the first for the company to deliver the talks to, said the general manager.

“But it certainly would not be the last,” he said, adding that he welcomes any schools who would like to invite them to deliver similar briefings to their students.

The Brunei Times