All Bruneians in Ankara safe, says Brunei embassy

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ALL Bruneians in Turkey are safe, following yesterday’s bomb explosion in Ankara, state broadcaster Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB) reported yesterday.

When contacted by RTB, Brunei Darussalam Ambassador to Turkey Hj Mohd Sharip Othman said the embassy has contacted Brunei officials, students and those who are visiting Turkey and was informed that they are all safe.

The state broadcaster’s report quoted Hj Mohd Sharip as saying that the embassy will continue to monitor the situation from time to time.

The explosion happened late on Wednesday as a car loaded with explosives detonated in the capital of Ankara where Turkey’s armed forces’ headquarters, parliament and government buildings are located.

As of press time, media reported that the suicide car bombing killed 28 people while injuring 61 others both civilians and soldiers.

For any assistance and further information, the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam in Ankara can be contacted through its hotline +905330325454.

The Brunei Times