Dispose of soiled, worn-out flags properly

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NATIONAL flags that are worn out and no longer fit to be used must be burned and buried as it contains scripts that must be shown respect.

In an interview with Assistant Officer from the Information Department, Eddy Iswandi Hj Ismail said that burning the flag and burying the ashes is one of the more appropriate ways for disposing of a national flag which is already torn, faded and dirty.

Eddy Iswandi said that many people are still unaware of the proper disposal method. He also said that disposal of the flag in this manner should be done only in private and with the solid reason that the flag is soiled and tarnished so as to avoid misunderstanding.

The official went on to say that people need to be aware that raising the national flag at their residence should only be done when required during festive seasons.

“This is to avoid wearing out the flag by leaving it on the flag pole.”

He added that people must ensure the national flag must be raised in a perfect condition and not using the flag that is not clean, faded or torn.

“If the flag is not in a perfect condition, people should clean it or replace it with a new one. It cannot be thrown away, Brunei’s national flag has religious sentences and people must not take it lightly,” he said

“Perfect condition of the flag symbolises our spirit in celebrating the National Day. A sense of patriotism is located in the flag itself,” said the official. Eddy Iswandi said that the Department of Adat Istiadat Negara and Information Department welcome the general public to ask for more information or help in regards to matters related to flag-raising.

The Brunei Times