75 complete fire safety seminar

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The Brunei Fire and Rescue Department presented certificates to 75 participants yesterday for completing the Fire Safety Management Seminar.

Present to hand over the certificates was the department’s director, Yahya Hj Abdul Rahman.

The event was held at the Officers’ Mess at the Fire and Rescue Department’s headquarters.

The participants included officers and staff, particularly estate and building maintenance managers from ministries, government departments and private companies as well as officers from the Fire and Rescue Department.

One of the participants, Sham Khiruddin, a Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) executive from Hengyi Industries, said the seminar was very informative and beneficial as they were able to receive insight and practices from Toshihiko Yabe, a specialist from the Tokyo Fire Department.

Sham said Japan was a good role model due to their experience, and the information they provided can help improve synchronisation and teamwork during a fire and lead to better and faster responses.

“The faster we respond and the more competent we are (allows) us to reduce damage, save lives and save money for business continuity,” she said, adding that the seminar should also be provided to all oil and gas companies as fire safety is important.

Another participant, Hjh Roshidah Hj Abd Rahman, Deputy Station Officer of the Brunei Fire and Rescue Department, said the seminar was informative as she learned more about fire safety management during a crisis. She added that this kind of seminar should be held especially for other departments as it is a safety priority.

The objective of the two-day seminar was to encourage better fire safety management and help building owners reduce the cost of damage and loss of life in the event of a fire.

The seminar included information regarding the procedure for the implementation, control, monitoring and review of fire safety in order to establish a security plan for a building and raise awareness that any modification to the building will create risks if it doesn’t follow the established guidelines and standards.

It was conducted in accordance with one of the Fire and Rescue Department’s strategic action plans to reduce incidences of fire and monetary loss from damage caused by fires every year by improving fire safety standards in buildings and fire safety management through fire safety activities, implementing preventive measures and promoting fire safety awareness.

The Brunei Times