Fire safety plan a must in buildings

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ALL buildings must have a fire safety plan that is comprehensive and is assessed regularly to ensure that they comply with the latest regulations, said the deputy permanent secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs yesterday.

Hj Idris Hj Md Ali, said that building owners need to be well informed, at the very least, about sprinkler systems, fire alarms, fire drills, emergency planning as well as the details of the building’s fire exits.

He said this during the opening ceremony of the Fire Safety Management (FSM) Seminar at the Officers’ Mess at the Fire and Rescue Department’s headquarters.

“Building owners should also ensure that the fire safety system of his or her building is regularly checked,” he said.

He added that there are a number of contractors or fire safety system suppliers that are recognised by the Fire and Rescue Department with regards to the maintenance of fire safety systems.

“For example, contractors will know the shelf life of fire extinguishers and whether or not its specifications adhere to regular standards,” he said.

Hj Idris said that if all agencies – including those in the private and public sector – adopt the culture of maintaining fire safety equipment systematically, fires that happen in buildings can be controlled and prevented effectively.

Director of the Fire and Rescue Department Yahya Hj Abd Rahman was also present during the ceremony.

In his opening remarks, he said that the FSM seminar was conducted to increase the awareness and knowledge of fire safety at the management level.

“Fires can be prevented through proper management, such as having action plans, enough training for early response and having a fire safety system that is functional and effective,” he said.

The FSM Seminar is a collaboration between Brunei’s Fire and Rescue Department and Japan’s Council on Local Authorities International Relations (CLAIR).

The seminar will run for two days.

Takashi Nabeoka, the assistant counselor at CLAIR’s branch in Singapore, was present to deliver a speech detailing the background of the council.

A specialist from the Tokyo Fire Department, Toshihiko Yabe, was also present to deliver his keynote address titled ‘Administrative Procedures and Inspection Systems’.

A total of 75 participants took part in the seminar. These include officers and staff from government ministries and departments and representatives from selected private companies.

An exhibition was also held to showcase fire safety equipment from Linktech and Megaways.

An exhibit on the causes of fire by the Fire Investigation Division and the Department of Electrical Services was also set up.

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