MoE to hold education expos in foreign countries

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THE Ministry of Education is planning to showcase local education institutions to foreign countries in a bid to attract international students.

Head of Higher Education Hjh Anis Faudzulani Hj Dzulkiflee told The Brunei Times that the ministry is in the early stages of planning to attract foreign students through international exhibitions.

She said this on the last day of the expo at BRIDEX yesterday.

Hjh Anis Faudzulani said that the ministry has been invited and is currently looking at showcasing local institutions in Oman and Bahrain.

She added the initiative would benefit the country’s local institutions as it would push them further to meet the global demands.

The initiative will also help the country’s economy as the higher education industry is the number one industry worldwide, said the head.

She added it would also create a more vibrant environment at the campus of local institutions.

Deputy Director of International and Public Relations Office at the Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB) Siti Asmahlati Bolkini Haji Ahmad said ITB is opening its doors to both local and foreign students.

Siti Asmahlati Bolkini said having international students will allow the local and foreign students to share, learn and exchange ideas from each other.

Nurul Ibrahim, a Lecturer from Laksamana College of Business, said that the initiative by the ministry will be a positive step towards exposing local institutions to foreign countries.

Although the college is focusing on local applicants, Nurul said they welcome foreign applicants as it could assist the country economically and increase the standards and quality of education in Brunei.

“It is a plus to have foreign students, it will be good for educational purposes,” she said.

The Brunei Times