Messages from Nepalese cyclists

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THREE Nepalese nationals arrived in the country yesterday as part of a round-the-world cycling tour to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS and environmental issues here.

Brought together by a common vision and cause, Dr Amrit Baral, Ajit Baral and Shankar Poudel have been on the road since September last year and began their journey on bicycles in their native Nepal.

“We have so far travelled through Nepal, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and it has been quite an experience so far with each new day throwing up surprises,” said Dr Amrit Baral.

“We try to do at least 100km per day but depending on the road conditions we would do more if possible,” he said.

Dr Baral said the team of cyclists will be touring the country for 10 days looking for opportunities to speak to youths about the dangers of the HIV as well as the need to protect the environment from human-inflicted pollution.

“Our message is ‘save the environment to save the world’ so we hope to be able to change or impact the mind of the people in Brunei in being more healthy and environmentally-friendly,” he said.

“Furthermore, we want to educate youths on how to safeguard their reproductive health as there is a lot of resources pouring into pharmaceutical companies for making the drugs to treat HIV/AIDS but not enough are being put into raising awareness on preventive measures,” he said.

Ajit Baral, who is an environmentalist, said they would like to teach the youths not to sacrifice the well-being of the environment merely for economic gain.

The team is reaching out to schools and non-governmental organisations to give them an opportunity to spread their message and share about their journey through talks.

They will also be cycling to various monuments and places of interest in the sultanate in the next few days.

The Brunei Times