IBTE CET to unemployed youth: Take advantage of skills training programme

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THE Continuing Education and Training Division of Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE CET) looks forward to receiving more unemployed youth to its courses that are designed to help spur entrepreneurship in the sultanate.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Head Officer of the Home-Science Courses at the IBTE CET Alyani Hj Ismail said that youths, especially those who are jobless, are encouraged to take IBTE CET’s long or short-term courses for business prospects.

“We are targeting those who just finished their O and A-level examinations or those who are still waiting for jobs to join our courses, learn handicraft or sewing skills (among others) and use this to start their own home business,” said the officer.

She said graduates and some current students are engaged in home businesses such as making baju-kurong, selling cakes or desserts and other handicrafts which they learned from the IBTE CET courses.

She also said that even though there was an increase in enrollees for the long-term courses this year compared to the last, majority of them are above 40 years old and pensioners.

“Youths should realise that by joining these courses, they will be doing something beneficial with their time, learning new skills that they can apply to get side-income or even start a (home) business rather than waiting around for (government) jobs,” she added. 

Hjh Zubaidah Hj Zakaria, 52, a teacher for the fashion course at IBTE CET, echoed Alyani’s view.

She said that youths should grab this golden opportunity provided by the government.

In her experience of teaching the course for almost 16 years, she said most of her students are successful in mastering skills of making clothes, either for family members or for their clients.

“So it is our hope that more youths in our country will be coming here,” she said.

Saripah Hj Minggas, a teacher for the fashion course who is also a Year 3 student in embroidery course at IBTE CET, said youths especially those who are taking Home-Science subjects should be encouraged to visit the institution.

“It’s a cheap investment (to pay $7 per course per year) in comparison to the life-long experience and knowledge you’ll be getting from learning all these courses here,” she added.

The Brunei Times