Gov’t wants MPKs to help overcome littering

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THE Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe) is looking into engaging village consultative councils (MPKs) to overcome littering in Brunei.

In an interview with The Brunei Times yesterday, Acting Director of JASTRe Hj Shaharuddin Khairul Hj Anuar said the department intends to increase engagement with communities to address litter problems.

He said the department had received numerous requests from MPKs to hold cleaning campaigns in their villages.

“As much as possible, we want these MPKs to be the ones initiating the gotong-royong (community work) activities because they should show their own desire for a safe and clean environment,” he said.

The acting director added that NGOs should also also take the initiative to hold cleaning campaigns.

“Whether they are from MPKs or NGOs, the department will support them because we want to instil the spirit of preserving cleanliness among residents.

“This spirit is much more valuable in the journey of keeping our nation clean,” added Hj Shaharuddin Khairul.

He said MPKs are not expected to conduct such activities often, adding that once every three or six months will suffice.

Hj Shaharuddin went on to say that the most important aspect of cleaning campaign collaborations is the inclusion of youth.

“We just hope that through these activities, the youth would get the message of preserving cleanliness as a community and practise them when they become adults,” he continued.

The acting director added that during the collaborations with MPKs, the department will help village residents pick up the rubbish in the area as well as arrange the disposal of the collected wastes.

He said JASTRe is still reviewing the initiative of actively engaging MPKs on cleaning campaign collaborations because they have to take into account the department’s resources.

The Brunei Times