Findlay to hold UK Study Fair at Rizqun

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THIS year‘s first UK Study Fair by Findlay will be held on February 19 at the Rizqun Hotel from 2.30pm to 7pm.

The upcoming fair will feature representatives from UK universities and also experts and professionals from various private agencies and organisations in the sultanate such as the Law Society of Brunei Darussalam, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam, KPMG and DES School.

This will provide students with the opportunity to speak to a number of industry experts to help them make informed decisions about careers in their fields.

This is also an effort to encourage Bruneians to seek out employment prospects in private sector and not relying on government jobs.

“Offering young people the chance to speak to an experienced professional will be very helpful in guiding them towards an appropriate study course at which they can excel, give them a career path with good employment prospects and make a real contribution to nation-building and diversification in Brunei,” said Findlay Director Sunita Martin.

The Local Employment And Workforce Development Agency (APTK), under the Ministry of Home Affairs, will be on-hand to provide general advice and guidance to those looking for employment until they are ready to further their studies.

Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council will also take part in the fair to answer questions on accreditation issues.

Findlay’s study fair will also feature its Morrisby Career Profiling psychometric assessments for students who are uncertain of their future educational or career paths.

Sunita said that choosing which post-secondary programme to take is crucial as it will affect the person’s entire adult working life.

“Students who take the time to do their research, speak to professionals, understand their own aptitudes and interests will find that their efforts will set them up very well for a brighter future and a high level of career and job satisfaction,” said Sunita.

Members of the public can get more information on the fair by calling 2428658/ 8886776 or visit Findlay’s Facebook page and their website.

The Brunei Times