Disrespect to flag: 2 expat workers deported

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TWO foreign workers have been deported following an investigation into a picture that went viral about the national flag used in a manner that tainted the symbol of Brunei’s sovereignty, the Internal Security Department said.

In a statement issued last night, the department said the enforcement agencies of His Majesty’s Government launched a thorough investigation against a few foreign workers after the image was brought to their attention.

It was found during the investigation that two foreign workers were involved in an act deemed disrespectful to the national flag.

The department said the viral image had triggered public anger, but gave no further details on what was shown in the picture.

The foreign workers’ employment passes were subsequently cancelled and deported, the Internal Security Department said.

The nationality of the foreign workers has not been disclosed.

The department added that locals and foreigners residing in the country must be responsible in taking care to respect and care for the national flag. Any action deemed disrespectful to the national flag cannot be tolerated and will be acted on by the authorities.

The Brunei Times