Water supply restored in Meragang

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WATER supply has been restored in Kg Meragang National Housing Scheme after most of its residents endured going nearly eight days without running water.

Speaking to The Brunei Times yesterday, residents at the hardest-hit zones of Jln Kamangsi and Jln Wasai Limuru said water returned to their taps late afternoon two days ago but the quality of the water supply was still not at a satisfactory level yet.

One of the residents at Jln Kamangsi Barat, Hjh Norehsan Hj Mohamad, said water supply returned on Saturday, but was not usable as the pressure was low and the water was murky.

“We have been going to the houses of our friends and relatives to fill all the containers we can find because the queues at the auxiliary water tanks placed around the kampung were too long,” she said.

“But Alhamdulillah, at least we have water now though it is not as clean and stable as we would like, it is easier to do our cleaning and washing compared to the past week,” she said.

Some residents along Jln Wasai Limuru expressed their dissatisfaction with how the authorities handled the water supply cuts.

Kamis Hj Omar said the situation could have been better handled if there was more effective communication between the authorities.

“We called the Darussalam 123 hotline so many times to tell them what was wrong and ask for the auxiliary water tanks to be filled but they do not seem to understand that we were making an urgent request rather than just filing a complaint,” he said.

“I have lived here since 2012 and for whatever reason, the water supply is always disrupted in the first few months of the year, we always face the same problems every time the disruptions happen so we just feel that our concerns are neglected sometimes,” he said.

Residents along the Jln Binglu section of Kg Meragang National Housing Scheme said they were fortunate not to have their water supply cut over the past week unlike residents in other parts of the residential estate.

The water pressure along Jln Binglu, however, had been low in the past week, with the water unable to reach the upper floor of two-storey houses.

The Public Works Department (PWD) had previously issued a statement on its Facebook page stating that the disruptions were caused by a leak in the main supply pipe and subsequently resulted in a technical fault with the water distribution system.

The department had initially placed auxiliary water tanks along the roads near the houses at RPN Kg Meragang but started issuing jerry cans and plastic water bags at the local recreational park on Saturday to try and help the residents collect clean water.

A PWD officer distributing jerry cans and plastic water bags at the recreational park said since Saturday evening, they had distributed about 200 jerry cans out of 500 available by midday yesterday.

“We started distributing jerry cans at around 4pm (on Saturday) but the demand for it was not as great as we expected because the water supply had returned to the houses around the same time as well,” said Duming Hj Mahmud.

“However, we have still been kept busy since many of the residents still need more water than what their taps can currently put out to deal with one week’s worth of washing,” he said.

The driver of one of the water tankers that replenishes the blue auxiliary water tanks at the Kg Meragang National Housing Scheme said he would normally make between 4-6 trips a day in the past week, but it was still not enough to keep up with the demand from residents.

The Brunei Times