RBPF sees 21 per cent drop in traffic offences

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) reported 11,948 traffic offences throughout 2015, a decrease of 21 per cent compared to 15,159 cases in the previous year.

According to a press statement issued by the RBPF yesterday, speeding topped the 2015 list of compound cases with 3,731 cases.

The highest recorded speed among speeding cases in 2015 was a driver who clocked 181km per hour.

The police also documented 1,102 illegal parking offences and 663 cases of failure to display road tax stickers.

The top five traffic offences were expired road tax (1,650 cases), tinted windows (285 cases), no driving licence (209 cases), installation of sunshades (151 cases) and failure to put on safety belts while driving (102 cases).

There was also a rise in cases of tyres being too large for the vehicle’s mudguard in 2015, with 254 cases recorded compared to 147 cases in 2014, as well as thinning tyres with 223 cases recorded in 2015 compared to 125 in the previous year.

The RBPF’s Traffic Control and Investigation Department conducted 579 traffic control operations last year.

The police reminded all drivers not to exceed speed limits, as well as to refrain from tailgating vehicles as this could lead to annoyance and anger, resulting in unethical driving behaviour and endangering not only themselves but other road users.

Meanwhile, other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists were advised to always wear light-coloured clothing and reflectors when on the road, particularly during night in order to increase visibility.

Cyclists and motorcyclists were also reminded to wear safety helmets whenever they are riding, and cyclists were advised to use their bicycles on the left side of the road, be it whether they are on a dual-lane or triple-lane road.

They were also advised to avoid using main roads during peak hours, as well as narrow roads, for the safety of themselves and other road users.

The police added that the Traffic Control and Investigation Department will continue to take proactive approaches as well as change its methods to increase traffic enforcement, either through continuous patrols, roadblock operations and intensive monitoring. “The Royal Brunei Police Force will also not compromise with any driver who is found to be in violation of traffic rules and will take action in line with the offence committed,” the police added.

In a separate statement, the RBPF said 903 traffic offences were recorded for the month of January this year, following a total of 70 road operations.

A total of 232 road accidents were reported in January.

The Brunei Times