Potholes on the road to Kampung Kiudang’s Wasai Bedanu

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KG KIUDANG leaders are seeking for a permanent solution to fix a road that leads to the village’s main attraction, Wasai Bedanu Recreational Park.

Kg Kiudang village chief Hj Muhd Saiful Abdullah Anja and Deputy Chairman for the Kg Kiudang Consultative Council (MPK) Hj Amran Hj Johari yesterday raised their concerns over the state of the 1.4km road which is starting to show damages due to heavy rain.

Hj Muhd Saiful said that the road was fixed recently with the help of the Tutong District Office in December last year. However, as the road is mostly made out of rubble, it loses its integrity due to the heavy rain and in turn creating potholes and causing landslides.

The village chief went on to say that due to how the road was built, he estimated that the government has to spend tens of thousands of dollars each year to fix the roads only to have it ruined in a few short months due to the heavy rain.

“The potholes would get so bad that no cars are able to pass through unless it’s a four-wheel drive car and the only way to access the area is either by walking there or using ATVs,” said Hj Muhd Saiful.

He further said that due to inaccessibility, they were unable to visit the park for nearly a year before it was fixed last December.

Meanwhile, Hj Amran said that while the road now can be used to reach Wasai Bedanu, heavy rain causes these rubbles to be swept away by the water and it will make it difficult to travel on the road.

The call to repair the infrastructure is not only directed to relevant government agencies but the village leaders are also considering the private sector to assist in further improving the recreational park.

Hj Muhd Saiful said the private sector would be better suited in assisting them to improve the park.

“The road doesn’t necessarily have to be fully made out of asphalt as concrete cement would be good enough, especially around the steeper slopes,” said Hj Muhd Saiful.

In an interview with The Brunei Times yesterday, both men agreed that accessibility to Wasai Bedanu would not only help with the economy there but would also allow the residents there to carry out maintenance work such as cleaning the surrounding area.

Hj Amran said the recreational park is a unique place to visit, not only for its waterfall but also its flora and fauna, hills and relatively untouched forest. Researchers, he said, could also benefit in terms of studying the flora and fauna there.

“But in order to achieve that, the roads have to be fixed first. This is a problem not only for visitors but also the locals here, who are finding it difficult to reach these areas,” said Hj Amran.

Hj Muhd Saiful said the park can be a source of income for the villagers there as they will carry out their own maintenance around the park while also bringing in people to visit, not only locals but also tourists.

He further said the relationship between members of the MPK and locals here to carry out work at the park would be severed if the road is not fixed.

“There is so much potential here, but if the road remains the same, then the opportunity to achieve the best will no longer be there because of the state of the road,” said Hj Muhd Saiful.

The Brunei Times