‘Early volunteering experiences instil values’

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EARLY volunteering experiences help empower youths and create a lasting influence well into adulthood, said the village head of Kg Sengkurong ‘A’.

Hj Abdullah Hanif Orang Kaya Maharaja Dinda Hj Saman said if volunteering begins at an early age, it can teach them to give back.

He was speaking while volunteers cleaned a wooden house in Kg Pasai, Sengkurong owned by Zulkipli Bungsu, who is fakir miskin (poor and destitute), as part of a cleaning campaign in the area.

More than 30 volunteers from various organisations led by the Sultan Sharif Ali Mosque Committee conducted annual cleaning activities at houses in and around Kg Sengkurong to promote the spirit of giving and encourage more youths to participate in volunteer work.

The other organisations involved were the Kg Sengkurong Village Consultative Council (MPK), the village’s neighbourhood watch committee and SUMUS, a volunteer committee from Kg Sengkurong ‘A’.

Hj Abdullah Hanif said the cleaning campaign helps encourage young people to appreciate the lives they currently enjoy.

“Hopefully this activity will open their eyes and they will better understand the hardships felt by the poor and destitute,” he said.

Zulkipli, a 62-year-old father of three, said he receives a monthly old-age pension of $250 from the Community Development Department (JAPEM).

He doesn’t receive any other welfare funds.

His children, who are all married, help purchase daily necessities for him and his wife, who are unemployed.

Zulkipli has been living in the house for 25 years and has experienced water leakage and floods. He shares the house with his wife, youngest son and grandchildren.

The Brunei Times