Police officers trained to maintain integrity

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ABOUT 150 police officers were trained to uphold their integrity and discipline in their line of work.

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) yesterday held its first Integrity Seminar, which was aimed to raise awareness on the importance of integrity in an organisation as well as delivering services that are effective and of high quality.

Senior Superintendent Hj Md Hassan Pehin Penyurat Hj Ahmad, acting director of RBPF’s General Administration and Finance, said integrity and discipline make up the core values of RBPF and should form part police officers’ character.

In his speech, he said without integrity and discipline, the authority of officers will be diminished and subsequently affect RBPF’s public image and credibility.

“As a security and primary enforcement agency in Brunei, the RBPF must show a positive image that is in line with this year’s theme of RBPF’s 95th anniversary, which is ‘Fostering a Culture of Integrity and Professionalism’,” he said.

He added that a high level of integrity, discipline and work ethics is a measure of the professionalism of RBPF in carrying out its duties.

“When integrity is combined with discipline, Alhamdulillah it will foster excellence in the RBPF and nurture a spirit of teamwork… this will then ensure professionalism and integrity will become an essential part of RBPF’s culture,” he continued.

Senior Superintendent Hj Md Hassan went on to say that sincerity is another aspect that must be a part of RBPF.

He said sincerity comes from the intention to obtain the blessings of Allah SWT, and can motivate police officers to carry out duties to the best of their abilities.

It is also in line with RBPF’s 2007-2016 strategic plans, which is to achieve high service performance, become a valued and trusted partner and known as a caring organisation.

The seminar, organised by the Training Section of RBPF, is the first of a series planned throughout the year.

It was divided into two sessions including a morning lecture by Hj Ali Yusri Abd Ghafor, acting head of the Ministry of Education’s Counselling and Career Unit, and an afternoon group work session held at the multi-purpose hall of the RBPF Training Centre in Gadong.

The Brunei Times