Clinic eases building permit process

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THE Ministry of Development, through the Authority for Building Control and Construction Industry (ABCi), recently organised a clinic aimed at facilitating the application process for construction projects.

The clinic was held on Thursday and Friday at ABCi’s offices to engage representatives from government departments and agencies involved in development in discussions with Qualified Persons (QPs) comprising registered architects, surveyors and engineers on matters relating to their development applications.

It also provided an opportunity for QPs to update their applications and obtain information on the standards and guidelines that must be adhered to.

ABCi plans to hold such clinics every month in a bid to be more transparent in its dealings with developers and stakeholders.

Hjh Siti Aidah Hj Mohammad, the new head of ABCi, said the clinic received positive feedback from all of the stakeholders involved.

“The progress achieved at this clinic since Thursday has been good and we even gave approvals to some of the building permits here, so InsyaAllah, we intend to make this clinic a monthly fixture.

“We hope that through these monthly clinics, we can help the QPs regularly ensure that all applications are being processed through the right procedures with us,” she said.

Hjh Siti Aidah said the clinic also aims to speed up the process of approving applications which would ultimately promote progress as well as improve the country’s economic growth.

“This clinic is to help QPs at an advanced juncture in their application process understand what the status is of their applications and to resolve any issues they might have in an open, transparent manner,” she said.

“The clinic will greatly reduce the traveling time normally spent by QPs in going to the different agencies and departments as we have representatives from all of the departments and agencies involved gathered in one place.”

Siti Rozaimeriyanty DSLJ Hj Abd Rahman, an architect, said she was satisfied with what she was able to achieve during the clinic.

“We wanted to ensure that some of our applications are without any problems.

“The good thing (about the clinic) is that they look into all the submissions and applications and will tell us what more needs to be done or if everything is in order,” she said.

Siti Rozaimeriyanty, who also sits on the governance board of the statutory body Darussalam Enterprises (DARe), said such initiatives would help development in the country progress to become more business friendly.

“The best thing about today is that the authorities were very transparent and open in their explanations with us, which allows us the chance to help each other and give feedback on how some of the processes can be streamlined, especially now, when our country is trying to improve its Ease of Doing Business ranking.”

The Brunei Times