‘Schools need more writing workshops’

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MORE workshops for students are needed to improve their writing, said the principal of Rimba II Secondary School.

In an interview, Hjh Suriani Hj Noor Hashim said it was important for students to interact with succesful local writers who can inspire them and help address their writing issues.

Speaking on the sidelines of a sharing session by local author KH Lim on Thursday, she said guest authors could help overcome writers’ block or share ways of putting their ideas onto paper.

“I believe in real life learning... and by that I mean bringing real people who have succeeded in their line of work into the classroom,” she said.

“This way, students are able to believe in themselves and what they are capable of because when they get to interact with these people, they think, if these people can succeed, why can’t I?”

The principal went on to say that bringing local authors to mentor students on writing may also produce future writers.

“If more schools would do this (and) if we keep the momentum going, it may build enough interest (in writing) in students that they too will aspire to be a writer,” she said.

Also present during the event were Dr Kathrina DP Hj Mohd Daud, a lecturer in Creative Writing and Literature, along with nine of her students who also helped mentor the students on writing.

“This collaboration between higher education institutions with secondary schools, as well as local authors, provides a rare learning experience for the students, because there are plenty of mentors to guide them through their pursuit of improvement,” said Hjh Suriani.

During the workshop, KH Lim read a few passages from his book, _Written in Black _and answered questions from the students.

He also gave 30 of his books to the Rimba II Secondary School library.

The Brunei Times