Mother, daughter embrace Islam

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A FILIPINO woman and her daughter embraced Islam yesterday at the Islamic Dakwah Centre.

According to the 34-year-old, she had decided to follow in her husband’s footsteps who had embraced Islam back in 2014.

Nurul Dee Hana Barinan Abdullah, formerly known as Frelyn Barinan Heverola, told _The Brunei Times _that she was excited and overwhelmed with the decision to embrace Islam with her daughter, now named as Siti Maisarah Hana Hafiz Salim.

“When I was pregnant with my daughter, I stayed in the Philippines while my husband went to Brunei to work and on January 1, 2014, he converted (in Brunei),” she said.

She went on to say that she and her daughter just arrived in Brunei less than two weeks to be with her husband, Md Abdul Hafiz Salim.

Her husband, who also attended the conversion ceremony told The Brunei Times that after two years of separation from his family, his hope was for his wife and him to be lawfully married in Islam.

“I hope we can arrange the Akad Nikah soon so that I can stay with my wife and daughter,” he said.

Although the couple converted to Islam at different times, they expressed their gratitude for the support of their families, many of whom are also Muslim converts.

Nurul was working in the sultanate for eight years before she returned back to the Philippines in 2013. At the time, she and her husband were still Christians.

Living in Brunei where a majority are Muslims, Nurul said that she had the desire to embrace Islam as far back in 2005.

“I have a lot of friends who are Muslims. This made me curious to learn more about Islam,” she said.

The Brunei Times