Imams: Practice zikir to find peace

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MUSLIMS were reminded to practice zikir to remember Allah SWT as this will provide their souls with peace and serenity.

Imams yesterday said that practicing zikir with sincerity while also adhering to the teachings of Allah SWT will bring peace to Muslims throughout their entire lives and in the hereafter.

“Only through remembering Allah SWT will our souls be at peace,” they said during the Friday sermon.

The imams said there are many ways for Muslims to remember Allah SWT, such as reciting zikir, tahmid, takbir and tasbih.

Zikir means remembering Allah SWT at all times from the way we talk, act or feel,” they told congregants.

“Remembering Allah SWT encourages a person to carry out his orders and leave behind his prohibitions.

“(Muslims must also put in) an effort to increase one’s faith and devotion towards Allah SWT as it is His command to remember Him,” added the imams.

The imams also made use of the opportunity to encouraged the congregants to recite La-ilaha-illallah (there is no god other than Allah SWT) as it contains an important meaning in Islam.

They added that reciting La-ilaha-illallah would give Muslims the blessings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Muslims were also reminded of the benefits and advantages that come with performing and reciting zikir.

It allows Muslims to distance themselves from negative influences and helps them receive forgiveness, blessings and guidance from Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The imams said Muslims should also remember Allah SWT during both good and bad times as everything that happens in the world are all predetermined by Allah SWT.

The Brunei Times