Health ministry dismisses bogus email

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THE Ministry of Health is dismissing an e-mail which claimed to be from the ministry regarding the Zika virus.

In a statement issued yesterday, the health ministry asserted that the e-mail address, Ministry.of.Health@Brunei.Healthcare, that was used to send the bogus email was not from the ministry, its departments or any of its staff.

The e-mail was tailored to look as though it came from the ministry and even included contact details of the health ministry.

It requested for individuals’ personal information and it also claimed that the information was required as a mitigating measure against the Zika virus.

The Ministry of Health added that there are currently no known cases of the Zika virus reported in the country.

It said that the ministry will continue to monitor any incidents of the virus with the World Health Organisation.

For more information on the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases, the public can visit the Ministry of Health’s website at

They can also call the 145 health line or e-mail

The Brunei Times