Discussions on efforts to boost nat’l coffers expected

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EFFORTS to boost the local economy in the midst of global economic slowdown are expected to be discussed at this year’s Legislative Council (LegCo) session, a LegCo member said yesterday.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Yang Berhormat Hj Mohd Shafiee Ahmad said there is a need to work together to support the government on how to increase the country’s income.

YB Hj Mohd Shafiee also highlighted the importance of prioritising projects while implementing prudent spending.

“This is what should be done for the time being until our financial situation is sound,” he said.

The annual parliamentary session usually takes place in the beginning of March, lasting for two weeks.

Among the topics discussed are the annual budget (known as the supply bill), and matters of national interest. The meetings will convene at the Legislative Council building.

YB Hj Mohd Shafiee, who is also the village head for Lumut 1 Mukim Liang, noted that steps to improve the economic development has been made.

However, he stressed that at the same time, the welfare of the underprivileged should not be forgotten.

He added that help must also be given to those who are struggling to make an honest living, like small-scale paddy farmers.

Since the beginning of the year, a series of closed-door dialogue sessions between LegCo members and the various ministries have been taking place, where both parties discuss issues to be presented during the LegCo session and some of the targets that the ministries are planning to achieve.

It was previously reported that during the meeting with the officials from Ministry of Religious Affairs, the ministry said better strategies to improve the number of congregants at mosques and strengthening the family institutions will be its main areas of focus at the next LegCo session.

By improving these two aspects, it will help the ministry take practical and concrete measures in order to boost the quality of its da’wah services.

Meanwhile, it was also reported, the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism is targeting an increase in production of primary industries to meet domestic demand and for export.

Brunei’s small market size should not be used as an excuse to achieve targets, said the ministry’s official during the dialogue session.

In another dialogue session between LegCo members and the Ministry of Communications, both parties discussed improvements that need to be made with regards to service quality standards and operational efficiency.

The Brunei Times