Politeknik Brunei invites students to education expo

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INDIVIDUALS who are interested to further their study at Politeknik Brunei are encouraged to visit and make use of its information booth at the ‘Higher Education Expo 2016’.

The expo willl be held in BRIDEX Hall 1, in Jerudong.

In a phone interview yesterday, an education officer form the polytechnic said that by visiting the booth, will be able to get a better understanding of courses on offer.

The officer, who wished to remain anonymous, said that students can be given direction as to which programmes they will be qualified to enter into as the education officers at the booth will also be there to help the visiting students.

“(Students) current O-level subjects will be discussed with relevant officers at the booth so students can get a greater understanding of which courses they can apply for and what topics they will learn,” she said.

“As each course has a specific number of modules, the booth would be a great opportunity for students to get information as to what they are and what these courses will entail,” she said, adding that this is to avoid regrets after joining a course.

She added that students can also find out career prospects that are available for the each of the courses that are available.

Parents can also know more about the diploma courses and its academic value.

“For example, one type of diploma we offer is a level programme five diploma that is equivalent to a Higher National Diploma,” the representative said.

According to a press release issued by Politeknik Brunei, the courses that it offers will equip students with the necessary skills for the ever increasing competitiveness of the job market.

Students will be able to learn through innovative teaching methods such as ‘Blended and Learning and Teaching (BLT)’ as well as the opportunity to work in the industry sector through attachments of up to six months.

Seventy-seven per cent of Politeknik graduates from the first and second batch have either landed jobs or continued to further their higher eduction, said a report made by Politeknik Brunei in 2014.

An open day will also be held on February 25 at PB’s campus in Lumut Belait starting from 9am to 3pm.

The Brunei Times