Parents’ involvement vital for student’s performance

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LACK of communication and awareness on the importance of education were identified as the main challenges for parents of students’ in primary schools categorised under the red flag.

Red flag schools refer to those with less than 50 per cent of its students achieving grades A to C.

“It’s not that parents don’t want to be involved in teaching their children at home, some just don’t know how to,” said an officer of the Counselling and Career Guidance Section of the Department of Schools under the Ministry of Education (MoE).

Speaking on the sidelines of a parenting skills workshop at Tanjung Kindana Primary School recently, Pg Hamiosmera Pg Hj Othman urged parents to attend the workshops organised to understand the importance of education and proper communication.

“During these workshops, we teach parents how to help their children with their school work, how to set up a proper time table for studying, how to take notes and how to revise using past year papers.”

According to Pg Hamiosmera, the workshops conducted by the section also stresses on the importance of communication.

“We want them to understand their children, but first understand themselves as parents.

“Once they understand their children and the importance of having good education, then everything else will fall into place.”

He urged parents to work together with their children as a team, adding that they should also work together with teachers.

“We must all work together to ensure these children will get good education especially in this competitive era. We want the children to succeed and make their families proud.”

He said parents must be strict, firm and not be too lenient when it comes to education to ensure their children’s success in the future.

“During these workshops, we have had parents and their students talk to each other about their hopes. Both parents and their children cried when they actually communicate their hopes with one another.”

At the workshops, the counselling officer said that parents are encouraged to voice out the challenges they face.

For parents who are unable to attend the workshop, the counseling section under MoE makes visits to their homes to ensure that they too are aware of the points discussed during the talks, he said.

Pg Hamiosmera said parent involvement has increased since the inception of the workshops.

Alhamdulillah we can see that parents are now becoming more involved. A lot of parents also showed up today.”

“We also want parents to spend more quality time with their children,” he added.

The parenting skills workshop is an initiative from the section to primary school students across the sultanate who will be sitting for their Primary School Assessment (PSR) examination this year.

The yearly activity is conducted at 31 selected schools across the country whose PSR results from the previous year are in the red flag zone.

A total of 15 Year Six students along with their parents participated in the workshop.

The students also participated in activities organised by the section while their parents attended participated in a talk entitled ‘mengasi kurapakku’ (effective communication) delivered by Pg Hamiosmera.

The Brunei Times