Muslims urged to be wary of extremists

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MUSLIMS were reminded not to be swayed by deviant teachings and practices relating to ‘jihad’ as defined by extremist groups.

“This inclination and drive for some Muslims to fight a holy war for the name of ISIS in Syria comes from a confusion in understanding what exactly constitutes jihad and dying a martyr,” said the acting director at the Pusat Ilmu Teras, KUPU SB.

Speaking yesterday at the International Usuluddin Education Seminar 2016, Hj Matussein Hj Jumat said that Muslims should realise that jihad does not require one to move to Syria and fight a so-called ‘holy war’ but that it involves being a good Muslim and striving in everyday life.

He said that the Asian region is not exempted from the threats of ISIS as it is also vulnerable to the extremist ideologies of the group.

Among the member countries of MABIMS (Religious Ministers of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore), Hj Matussein said that Malaysia had been leading the way in condemning the extremist group by releasing a fatwa in 2014 regarding Malaysians who have been swayed.

He quoted Malaysia’s stance on the issue, stating that they had ruled the participation of Malaysians with the extremist group as meaningless. Their deaths would also not be considered as ‘syahid’ (martyr).

“The release of this fatwa should act as a precautionary measure for us in Brunei and we should be strong in ensuring that the extremist ways of ISIS do not touch Bruneian soil,” said Hj Matussein, who reiterated that the ways of ISIS deviates from Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah.

“We should remind one another as Muslims in Brunei to repent and not be easily influenced or caught up in ideologies of violence and the propaganda of the ISIS,” he said.

The Brunei Times