Instilling patriotism among students

National 1 minute, 6 seconds


MORE than 100 students of Mahad Islam Brunei were briefed on the importance of waving the national flag during festive occasions in the sultanate.

Organised by the Tutong Information Department annually, the programme dubbed ‘Menghayati Bendera Negara dan Lagu Kebangsaan’ was targeted at both public and private schools in the district.

The programme – held to foster a sense of patriotism among Brunei’s youth – was attended by students from Year Five and Nine.

The briefing was delivered by the Information Department’s Hasanul Hidayat Hj Abu Bakar.

During the briefing, students were taught the proper procedures in waving and raising the national flag as well as the history of the national anthem, ‘Allah Peliharakan Sultan’.

Hasanul told The Brunei Times that the briefing hopes to help students understand their self-identity.

“Young Bruneians should be aware that they are the next generation that will enliven the country’s development and a sense of nationalism is important in order to achieve success in every plan,” he said.

He added that an appreciation and understanding of the national anthem will gather and integrate the society together.

Music and lyrics, he explained, becomes an inspiration to the people of the nation, regardless of race, cultural disparity and religion.

“What matters is that everyone must be loyal to the king,” he said.

The Brunei Times