Geobags installed on coastline in Kg Danau

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THE Tutong District Office, together with other government agencies, yesterday helped with the installation of geobags along the coastal areas at Kg Danau to prevent further erosion at the coastlines.

It was reported earlier this week that strong winds dramatically raised the tide in Kg Danau in Tutong, eroding the coastline and leaving a family of 20 with less than 20 metres of clearance between their house and the rising seawater.

At the site, The Brunei Times saw members of the Fire and Rescue Department and the Royal Brunei Armed Forces helping to fill the geobags with sand and stacking them along the shorelines, under the direction of members of the district office.

Acting Tutong District Officer Hj Adnan Hj Adam said the move was just a stop-gap measure agreed upon by agencies involved including the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) as they are still figuring out the appropriate actions to address the matter.

Hj Adnan said a special meeting was held between the Royal Brunei Police Force, NDMC and the Public Works Department (PWD) to solve the issue after they received reports of the situation.

They are still deciding on certain matters before the authorities concerned can put their short-term plans into action, he said.

“But in the meantime, what we can do is to help the homeowner in terms of manpower. That is why today we brought members of the PWD and uniformed personnel to help accelerate the process of building the temporary barrier,” he said.

The authorities will continue to discuss and formulate suitable plans and actions to be taken, especially on short-term plans to contain the erosion, he added.

“Long-term plans, however, may depend on the decision and approval from authorities above these agencies... but for now we will do what we can to help the residents,” he said.

In previous reports, one of the affected residents told The Brunei Times that they had been experiencing the gradual rise of tides since 2008.

This has led to the decreasing distance between the house and the sea.

Sharizal Hj Yunos, the son of one of the homeowners, also shared that the boulder-like (barrier) near the area had worsened the situation. While it was built to prevent the waters from reaching the shoreline, the “incomplete” construction has caused the flow to be directed closer to his backyard.

Legislative Council Member and Penghulu of Mukim Telisai Yang Berhormat Hj Ramli Hj Lahit suggested for the construction of the barrier to continue.

“We see that these barriers have been built in Muara, Seria, and from Kg Penabai to the areas before Kg Danau, but it has not reached here (Kg Danau and areas of Mukim Telisai), so probably it is the cause of the erosion,” he said.

“It depends on the relevant agencies to decide what they can do in the long run, but it is appropriate for the barrier to be built along the beach,” he added.

He expressed his concerns over the worsening situation, as the waters are now hitting the grounds below the residential areas, causing some structures to collapse.

Whatever the situation is, he said he hoped the residents will remain safe.

The Brunei Times