Fatigue a concern during Friday sermons

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FATIGUE is one of the main reasons congregants fail to pay attention during Friday sermons.

A study conducted by a lecturer from the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) showed that 27 per cent of the 600 correspondents felt that exhaustion led to them either falling asleep or feeling sleepy during the sermon.

22.3 per cent felt that they struggled to pay attention during the sermon due to the content of the sermon not being interesting.

Meanwhile, 22 per cent said the Khatib (one who delivers the sermon) was not interesting and effective.

Delivering a talk during the International Usuluddin Education Seminar 2016 yesterday at KUPU SB, Zulkifli Hj Zakarai said the khutbah or sermon is the main platform to spread and shape the public’s perception of Islam in daily life.

“It is a form of media that is effective and a method of communication that has the force to lead the Muslim society to become better.”

Khutbah (sermons) is one of the tenets of Islam and one of the pillars during Friday prayers, he said.

The study also looked at reasons why people pay attention during the sermons.

37 per cent found the topic and content interesting while 27.7 per cent said the Khatib delivered the content effectively.

The study added that 19.8 per cent of correspondents said they had no reason not to listen to the sermon.

12 per cent listened because of the topic and content and method of delivery while another 2.7 per cent said it was due to other factors.

The study also looked at suggestions to improve and overcome the issue of congregants struggling to pay attention.

15.2 per cent said it was necessary to deliver a sermon based on a suitable topic while 9.2 per cent said improvements to the method of delivery was needed.

2.2 per cent suggested the use of social media during the sermon, 1.8 per cent said to improve physical facilities in the mosque while 71.7 per cent said other methods (not specified) are required.

“Sermons, as a form of media, can help shape an Islamic community that obeys Allah SWT’s commands,” said Zulkifli.

“This is appropriate with the function of the Friday sermon as a means of preaching, giving advice and reminders to Muslims every Friday.

“As one of the pillars of the Friday prayers, sermons have become a public form of communication that is effective in shaping an Islamic society that leads to happiness in the world and hereafter,” he said.

The lecturer added that through the content of the sermons, Muslims can acquire useful religious and non-religious knowledge that they can incorporate into their daily life.

The Brunei Times