Japanese visitors laud edu system

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MEMBERS of the ASEAN Research Committee of the Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly of Japan said that Japan can look to Brunei to learn how to incorporate a country’s culture into their education system.

The 19-member delegation dropped by the Haji Tariff Primary School, Kg Ayer, yesterday as part of their visit to promote friendship and peace.

“We are very much impressed with the education of traditional Malay Culture. Schools in Japan nowadays don’t spend too much time on that field and that is one of the lessons we can learn from Brunei,” said the head of the delegation yesterday.

Hiroshi Kodama said that one of the reasons for the visit was to observe and learn from some of the practices in different schools in the different ASEAN countries.

“Education is what is most important for the country’s future so by looking at the schools we can see how that country will grow in the future,” said Kodama.

He said that the assembly makes it a point to visit at least one school during their stops across different countries and track the development and growth of these schools.

“Currently, we are still doing our first round of visits but, in the future, we would like to revisit these schools and see how they develop,” he said.

He added that such visits help provide insight into the different cultures and methods used in education.

“Japan puts a lot of emphasis in education as well so what we learn from the schools we visit, we want to utilise in improving our education policies in Japan,” said Kodama.

“We also want to promote student exchange to Hiroshima,” he added.

During their stop at the school, a member of the delegation gave a speech about the horrors of the atomic bomb attack in Hiroshima.

The delegates also observed students during an English and practical Science lesson and participated in a cultural showcase on Bruneian traditional foods, games and dance.

Established in 2009, the ASEAN Research Committee of the Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly visits two ASEAN countries every year to enhance the friendship and exchanges between the prefecture and the member countries of the Southeast Asian bloc.

This year, the committee decided to visit Brunei and Thailand.

The Brunei Times