Japanese recall Hiroshima horror

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COMMUNICATION and dialogue are the most important methods for achieving a nuclear weapons free world.

Hiroshi Kodama, head of the 19-member delegation of the ASEAN Research Committee of the Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly of Japan, made the comment on the sidelines of a visit to Haji Tariff Primary School in Kg Ayer.

“I believe the most important (methods are) people-to-people exchanges and dialogue between people,” said Kodama.

He said that Japan is the only country in the world with two cities hit by atomic bombs and therefore understands the need to build relationships between countries and promote peace to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons.

Kodama said pushing for peace is an important agenda and it made sense to cooperate with Brunei Darussalam, whose name carries the meaning ‘abode of peace’.

Kodama added that education is one of the approaches they’ve used to promote their message by encouraging people to visit Hiroshima and better understand the bombing by visiting the museum and remains of the bomb site.

Masahiro Yamasaki, a member of the Hiroshima delegation, gave a speech and narrative presentation about the atomic bomb attack in Hiroshima during the delegation’s visit to Haji Tariff Primary School.

In his speech, he said he was only a primary school student when the Hiroshima bombing occurred back in 1945 and witnessed many people from his village returning home by truck as corpses.

“Many people were burnt black and died. Even though I was a child, I couldn’t stand to see the people who were terribly injured,” said Yamasaki.

He added that many who survived the initial explosion were either burnt to death from the intense heat or crushed by their collapsed homes.

“We could only hear their cries for help but couldn’t see where they were. They were burnt alive,” he added.

He said the victims of the bombing are reluctant to share their accounts of the event as it evokes so much sadness and pain.

“It was hell on earth, and there are no words to express the tragedy,” said Yamasaki.

“The use of nuclear weapons will create a hell on earth, and this tragedy should never be repeated.”

The Brunei Times