Game developer Itsybytes sets eyes on global market

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ITSYBYTES, the country’s first company with a core business in game development, is setting its eyes on reaching the global market.

Ikmalina Hakimah Hj Md Yunos, founder and CEO of Itsybytes Company, told The Brunei Times this was one of the reasons they decided to develop the ‘Rehab Maze VR’ game which carries the theme of drug abuse.

“Drug abuse is an issue everywhere in the world so by developing a fun game around this issue, we think that this potentially attract customers outside of Brunei,” she said.

Having showcased games that she and her team developed earlier at gaming exhibitions as well as attending conferences on entrepreneurship in several countries including Morocco, Japan and Korea has given Ikmalina the right contacts to enable her to venture outside of Brunei.

She said that although most of the developers in the countries in which she has showcased her games already have a large following and have been in the industry for a much longer time than she has, she felt that it’s still important to let people know of the potential that Itsybytes has in game development.

“We have to expose Itsybytes to countries outside of Brunei that have a strong creative industry because that’s where we can find potential partners and people who are willing to collaborate with us to develop more interesting games,” she said.

Itsybytes was a representative in the first ASEAN Youth Creative Industry Fair (AYCIF) competition in Indonesia last year and this has shown Ikmalina the regional opportunities that they could tap into.

She said that being in the competition came as a huge advantage as she plans on marketing the ‘Rehab Maze VR’ game to Indonesia and it was through the competition that she managed to get in contact with investors and designers.

“I think that Indonesia would be a good place to introduce the game to because of the huge population and also the problem that the nation has with drug abuse,” she said.

Itsybytes is also planning on penetrating the market in Japan because it is well-known for its gaming industry.

She said that introducing the company to Japan will not only help bring in more sales but will also open up opportunities to partner up with the other experienced game developers.

“We can potentially help those companies that wish to penetrate the Brunei market and make it a hub for game development which I think will help to further strengthen the local creative industry,” she said.

Ikmalina is also now working with a company in Malaysia to develop a game which features iconic Malay warriors from the two countries.

The Brunei Times