Diminishing need for monitoring programme

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THE Ministry of Education’s student monitoring programme has seen a drop of more than 60 per cent in enrolment this year as fewer students are now in need of monitoring.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Assistant Director of Counseling and Career Guidance Section at the Department of Schools Hj Ali Yusri Abdul Ghafor said there are only 53 students enrolled under the pemantauan pelajar programme this year.

When the programme was first launched in 2014, there were 158 students registered under the programme, while last year saw 85 students.

Hj Ali Yusri said the programme aims to assist ‘difficult’ students identified as underperforming pupils.

The students registered under the programme are placed at a hostel to monitor their progress.

He said the programme also helps students who are struggling at home or in school.

“Most of the students registered with us are those that have poor attendance, don’t go to school or those that come from underprivileged families,” he said, adding that students with discipline and behaviour problems were also among those registered under the programme.

The education officer said the programme is more than just resolving destructive behaviours as it is also designed to develop positive decision-making skills, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and cultivate a positive self-image.

He said while the decrease in registrants under the programme shows an improvement, the issue is ‘still there’.

“Yes there is a great decrease but there are still students being registered under the programme and that still is a problem.”

The eight-month programme also helps students and parents find a healthy sense of boundaries so families interact more effectively with one another.

Students residing at the hostel are provided education on-site.

They also have access to caretakers, food and drinks, laundry services as well as transport to send them home during weekends and public holidays.

The Brunei Times