‘Demand for MCs growing in Brunei’

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DEMAND for event announcers continues to grow as agencies and organisations in the sultanate continue to organise events and ceremonies.

Event announcers or masters of ceremonies (MCs) are important as they are one of the keys to delivering a successful event, Hj Hasnan Hj Suhaili, Acting Assistant Head of Radio Programmes at Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB), told The Brunei Times during the opening ceremony of Tutong District’s Master of Ceremonies Workshop yesterday at the RTB station in Tutong.

One of the main roles of an event announcer is to enliven the event through the use of their voice. The announcer will provide information for the attendees about the performances and the speakers.

Hj Hasnan, who is one of the facilitators of the workshop, said youths are the primary target as they are the country’s future generation.

He encouraged youths to practice their public speaking skills as it will help them become event announcers and help improve their communication skills.

He added that having such skills would also benefit others as they could be used during events held by their employers and their families.

The first step to become an announcer is developing your voice, confidence and talent, Hj Hasnan said.

“Anyone can become an announcer. The passport to becoming an announcer is your own voice and talent. If you have these, you can become an announcer,” he said.

He said those interested in becoming announcers must not be afraid or shy to use their voice, but they should also not be too confident, as it could lead to mistakes.

He said someone can become a successful announcer by gaining experience, skills and knowledge which can be acquired throughout their journey as there are many opportunities that announcers can use to develop their craft.

He encouraged youths to make use of events held at their schools as it would provide them with the experience and skills that would help them improve.

“They will learn through experience, through the various events. They should never be afraid to use their own voice,” he said.

He added that all announcers should also continue to ask questions and refer to those who are equipped with the skills as it would also help them improve and learn further.

Another method to further improve is to listen to the announcers on television.

“There’s always a need for announcers. In Brunei, there are a lot of events. There are announcers during simple events such as weddings,” he said.

The Brunei Times