114 police personnel awarded for years of service, dedication

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ONE HUNDRED and fourteen Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) personnel were awarded with service medals yesterday.

An award ceremony was held at the Police Training Centre Multi-Purpose hall in Gadong Police Headquarters yesterday in commemorating their 20 years of service.

Recipients expressed their gratitude towards RBPF for the recognition of their years of service.

Staff Sergeant 3065 Muhd Hadi Muhd Nasiruddin who is the training centre’s march instructor said that he will continue to perfect his role in the training of new police recruits.

“It is challenging to train the new recruits in the art of marching as everyone is different.

“We have to do so in a style that best contributes to their progression,” he said adding that the key to producing an excellent marching formation is finding the right balance.

“We want them to achieve perfection in marching as this is the standard of the RBPF. You need to know how and when to exert strictness and patience,” Muhd Hadi said.

Sergeant 3397 Mohd Khairul Japar who works with Muhd Hadi as a marching instructor said that moulding a person into being a police personnel is not easy.

“Everything must change, from the way they speak to the way they carry themselves.”

Having served the RBPF for 21 years, Mohd Khairul said that the best way to see their progress is when they are disciplined as a squad.

Everyone has to work together and pull their weight, he said.

Corporal 2091 Masni Hj Mohd Nassir who works in the Disaster Unit, in expressing her appreciation upon for the medal said that there have been ups and downs in her 31 years in the force.

Presenting the RBPF personnel with their medals was the Commissioner of Police, Dato Paduka Seri Bahrin Md Noor.

The Brunei Times