SMSA opens sixth form registration

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BELAIT's sole sixth form school Sayyidina Ali (SMSA) is accepting registration for A-Levels until this Saturday afternoon at its multi-purpose hall.

With the Brunei-Cambridge GCE O-Level examinations and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) released last Saturday, SMSA officially opened registration for its 17 A-Level subjects yesterday morning.

Steven Shim, SMSA's pre-university senior master of academic, said that the school is expecting a modest turnout of 200 to 300 students to register for sixth form this year, after last year's intake dropped to a low of 250 students.

“This is not necessarily a negative trend, but indicative that students who are finishing secondary school are now more aware of the other educational and training avenues that they can pursue,” said Shim.

While A-Levels have for the most part been the overwhelming option for students finishing O-Levels with five credits and above, Shim said that a more diverse range of options are now available for Bruneians, especially in technical education.

“Students can even enrol to Politeknik Brunei straight after secondary education so there definitely is more options for further education at this point than there has ever been in the past,” he said.

Shim also said that SMSA's priority for sixth form registration is to counsel potential students to make the right subject combinations to enable their future plans.

“Picking the right combination of subjects to suit future career paths or degree choices has sometimes been a trouble spot for a few number of students in sixth form centres, so we review the students options before finally allowing them to enrol,” he said.

Students are allowed to take three A-Level subjects taught over two years and one AS-Level, valued as “half” an A-Level, delivered in a year.

The only subject offered at AS-Level in SMSA is General Paper.

Shim said that those with a total score of 13 points and below in five O-Level subjects combined, corresponding to A's and B's, are entitled to the option for pursuing four A-Level subjects.

As practised in other sixth form schools in the sultanate, students enrolling for A-Levels are required to have a credit in either Malay, Islamic Religious Knowledge or Malay Literature before entering.

A total of five O-level credits is the standard requirement, but a special consideration for entry with four credits is possible if a pass in English is obtained.

Those interested can drop by between 8am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm today, tomorrow and on Saturday.

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