Residents call for better service during water cuts

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RESIDENTS of Kg Meragang are calling on authorities to provide a better aftercare service especially when managing water disruptions in the community.

According to the Public Works Department’s (PWD) Facebook page, the water disruption was caused by a leak in the main supply pipe located along the Tutong-Muara highway which is currently undergoing repairs.

Areas affected while repairs are carried out include Lambak Kanan, Kg Manggis, Kg Madang, Perumahan Kg Meragang and Kg Tanah Jambu. Residents of Kg Meragang in the Kemangsi and Limuru zones already inconvenienced by the disruption were especially distressed with the quality of service provided in easing the situation.

“We called for the water truck for several days but none showed up,” said Pg Metali Pg Metamin.

“They did come by but only to drop off the temporary blue tanks which were empty to begin with,” he said pointing at the temporary water tanks.

“We have been here for four years and every year the problem with water comes up sometimes for two days at a time and sometimes for one night,” Pg Metali said.

He said that out of frustration they have resorted to buying bottled water for their baths and other needs. Mohamad Arifin Hj Abd Rahman who lives at simpang 90, Kamangsi Barat also aired out his grievances on the recurring situation. Hamdiah Johan who lives at house number 258 at Jalan Wasai Limuru said that she wants more action from authorities especially when it comes to informing the people about water cuts.

She said that even after lodging complaints, a solution that comes in the form of the blue temporary tanks will not help much if it just sits there empty,

The Brunei Times