Flag hoisting: do not take it lightly

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HOISTING the national flag should not be taken lightly by the general public as it is an important means to show respect and love towards the country.

In a speech, Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office Dato Paduka Hj Hamdan Hj Abu Bakar said that flag raising cannot be underestimated because it is a means to measure patriotic spirit.

He said any act of insulting the flag is not to be taken lightly and perpetrators will face action from the authorities.

“There are still some people who are reluctant to hoist and wave the national flag,” said the deputy minister during the programme dubbed “Semarak Pengibaran Bendera Negara” at the Airport Mall.

To ensure everyone participates in the hoisting of the flag, he said there is a need to monitor compliance in villages or neighbourhoods where majority of residents are locals.

He said citizens and residents are often reminded to hoist and wave the national flag, especially during the days of celebrating the greatness of the country and festive occasions.

“Most people usually will respond to this call and hoist the flags at their residences, as well as at government and private buildings. It is an act of pride and deep appreciation of the country as our abode,” he said.

He also stressed on the need for citizens to be mindful of cleanliness and the appropriate care of the national flag.

“The flag must be placed in the appropriate places. The flag that is flown must be in a good condition and not torn, worn or faded,” he said, adding that if it is not suitable to use, the flag must be disposed of properly.

The deputy minister said he hoped that participants of the programme will be catalysts in encouraging the public especially the young generation to hoist and show appreciation to the national flag.

“To all the citizens, residents and the expatriates, please respect the national flag as it is a symbol of our independent nation. In the unfortunate event the flag is subjected to unwarranted and disrespectful manner, the authority will be stern in our action,” said Dato Paduka Hj Hamdan.

The national flag is a symbol of national sovereignty. A national flag was hoisted on February 7th in conjunction with the upcoming National Day celebration, as well as to express solidarity and highlight the symbol of patriotism and nationalism.

The Brunei Times