New tyre pumps get good response

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Brunei Shell Marketing’s recent move to install new tyre pumps at several petrol stations around Brunei-Muara has been well received by the public. Speaking to The Brunei Times, Yazid Aji, who used the new tyre inflator at the TAIB Beribi petrol station, said he liked it because it was efficient and seemed to be more reliable than the old analogue one.

“At first, I thought it was going to be hard. But there were these simple, easy to follow instructions (with pictures). I followed them and it was rather easy,” he said.

Amni Nabilah said that prior to this, she had never used a tyre pump.

“I used the new digital tyre pump at Jerudong Petrol Station. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to do. But after reading the instructions and asking for assistance from the pump attendant, I found the new pump to be quite good and easy to use,” she said.

Another user of the new pump, Ak Md Nurul Izzat Pg Hj Othman, said it was user-friendly with functions similar to the analogue one.

“It’s fast, accurate and indicates when the correct pressure is reached,” he said.

“My only concern is how long it’s going to last. Bruneians (typically) don’t like to read the instructions first, so I hope they’ll be more attentive when using this new machine to avoid damaging it,” he added.

Many of the old tyre pumps were faulty, with Brunei Shell Marketing reporting an average of nine vandalism cases per month on its tyre pumps last year.

Masjory Sengkurong and Bebatik petrol stations were the first to receive the new tyre inflators.

This was followed by Mar’azmala Jerudong and TAIB Beribi, with installation at other petrol stations to continue until March.

During the new installations last month, concerns were raised over whether the machines would be user-friendly, especially for women and for senior citizens who have difficulties in reading or are illiterate.

Hj Omar Hj Matarsat, the supervisor of the TAIB Beribi petrol station, said that so far, there have been no complaints from the public about the new tyre pump there.

“We found that most customers seemed to know how to use the new pump.

“There were cases where some users, especially senior citizens, had difficulties in using it, but our (pump attendants) will always be there to assist them,” he said.

Hj Md Hishamuddin Hj Zakaria, supervisor at the Mar’azmala Jerudong station, also observed that the public already seemed to know how to use the new pump.

“This is probably because new tyre pumps had been installed at other stations before we got ours, so people had no problems using the new pump at our station,” he said.

The Brunei Times