M’sian gets jail for not paying fine

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A MALAYSIAN man was ordered to serve three months in prison after indicating he was unable to pay a fine for drug consumption.

The defendant, Samsul Jenin, 28, and another person were arrested by Reserve Unit ‘C’ and Marine Base Police in the vicinity of Perairan Kg Menunggol on August 27, 2015, over suspicion of drug abuse.

Following an investigation, Samsul later tested positive for the presence of the Class A drug methamphetamine in his system.

Samsul is currently serving one year in prison after pleading guilty last September to the charge of illegally re-entering and living in Brunei after being barred from entering the country.

He was a prohibited immigrant since December 19, 2013, as he was convicted of voluntarily causing hurt with a weapon.

Samsul admitted that despite knowing he was barred from entering Brunei, he had used a boat to enter the sultanate from Limbang, Sarawak via the Brunei River on August 27 which subsequently led to his arrest.

During the proceedings, after Samsul indicated that he was unable to pay the $1,500 fine, the court ordered him to serve three months in prison for drug consumption after he serves the prison term for the immigration offence.

The Brunei Times