Kg Rimba to launch neighbourhood watch programme soon

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KAMPONG Rimba is expected to launch its neighbourhood watch programme at the end of this month or early March, said its village chief.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Hj Adanan @ Hj Mohamed Taha, the village head of Area 1, RPN Rimba Mukim Gadong A, said the community watch of Kg Rimba under his jurisdiction has already been established and is scheduled to be operating soon, the latest by early next month.

The village falls under the catchment area of the Berakas Police Station, which will be cooperating and leading the team for the neighbourhood watch in the future, he said.

According to Hj Adanan, the neighbourhood watch team already has 12 members.

“The youngest member of the team is 21 years old, with four veterans and others in their late 20s up to 40 years old,” he said.

RPN Rimba Mukim Gadong A has a population of almost 2,500.

Hj Adanan said the move to establish the community watch team was to embrace the monarch’s call in prioritising the safety of Brunei residents.

He said the community watch programme is also aimed at improving the neighbourhood’s safety and security.

“There are a few cases or incidents that happened in this area, such as house break-ins and drug cases. There are also issues like disputes between neighbours about late-night noise levels.

“With this neighbourhood watch, it’s hoped that we will be able to prevent any future incidents and reduce the crime rate and social problems in the community,” said Hj Adanan.

He added that the public plays a major role in making the community watch a success by being supportive of the initiative and spreading awareness on the programme.

He is also hopeful that the community in his village will be more cooperative in reporting and informing the authorities about any suspicious activities and concerns.

The Brunei Times