Kg Meragang op aims to cut crime

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The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) conducted a joint operation last night at the Kg Meragang National Housing Scheme (RPN) with the village’s neighbourhood watch.

Eighteen personnel from the Muara Police Station and 19 from the neighbourhood watch took part in the operation, dividing themselves into two groups.

One group was led by the Commanding Officer of the Muara Police Station, Chief Inspector Pg Khairul Anuar Pg Hj Salleh, while the other was led by the Assistant Commanding Officer, Inspector Nur Adiba Mohamad.

Before the operation began, a briefing was held for the participants by Hj Marali Ahmad, who is the chairman of the neighbourhood watch, and Inspector Nur Adiba.

The operation, which began at 9.30pm, covered the whole of RPN Kg Meragang, which was divided into four zones.

One group was designated to make rounds in zone 1, which is the area of Wasai Limuru, and zone 2, which includes the recreational park of the housing scheme as well as the Kemangsi Timur area.

Another group was designated to make rounds in zone 3, which is the Kemangsi Barat and Kemangsi Selatan area, as well as zone 4, which includes the Jalan Wasai Limuru and Binglu Utara area.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Hj Marali Ahmad, who is also the head of Kg Kapok and the acting head of RPN Meragang, said the operation aimed to stop any anti-social activities that were being conducted in the village or prevent such activities from occurring.

He said they included drug abuse, gambling and youths who would loiter around the area late at night.

“By conducting these operations and addressing individuals that are conducting activities that are against our national philosophy, we will be able to preserve the peace of the village.”

He said a common problem reported by residents of RPN Kg Meragang were individuals who would conduct karaoke, disturbing the peace of the village.

“Some of these individuals, although they get permission from the authorities, their activities would stretch well past midnight,” he said.

“These are among the things that the neighbourhood watch can address, not only to preserve the peace of the village but also to prevent residents from having disputes with each other.”

The Brunei Times