Kg Danau residents hopeful of solution

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THE Tutong District Office is holding a meeting today with several agencies to resolve the situation of the eroding coastline in Kg Danau, Tutong.

The erosion was first spotted by Kg Danau residents last year as waves begin to eat into their backyard.

The waves eroded the coastline and leaving several residents’ homes nearing the water as it decreases the stretch of the beach.

The Tutong District Office said the meeting will focus on actions that will be taken to assist the affected families.

The meeting will bring together the National Disaster Management Centre, along with the Public Works Department, the Community Development Department, the Fire and Rescue Department, the Royal Brunei Police Force, Town and Country Planning (TCP) and the Land Department under the Ministry of Development.

Also expected to be present are the Kg Danau village head and the penghulu of Mukim Telisai Tutong.

When The Brunei Times visited the site yesterday, a local resident said the waves continue to strike fear as it pushes the seawater closer to their newly built home.

The 42-year-old, who requested not to be named, has been informed about the meeting which he, along with the other affected residents had been invited.

He hopes that the meeting will provide him and the other residents with solutions from the relevant authorities to overcome the situation.

“We hope and want a plan of action to be presented during the meeting. We want to know when they will take these actions. We need help and need to know if there is a solution,” he said.

Currently, his family has taken their own initiative yesterday to stall the effect of the high tide by putting up a barrier old metal roofing and wooden planks between the eroding soil and the seawater.

“This is our temporary plan of action while waiting for the authorities to come up with a solution, because we cannot stop it,” he said.

He said they have informed the relevant authorities last year, but no follow up has been made since.

“We haven’t received feedback. We hope to get feedback and a solution during the meeting. It is worrying for us,” he said.

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